Why Is Artificial Intelligence Important?

Why is Artificial Intelligence important for your business?

Artificial Intelligence - AI

In today’s dynamic world, artificial intelligence is enabling businesses to work smarter and faster, doing more with significantly less. As technology and society continue to advance, more organisations are looking for powerful, sophisticated solutions that will improve and streamline operations. Artificial Intelligence helps in making quick informed decisions, create new innovative products and improve services, achieve cost efficiencies and enhance operational efficiency.

AI with TEKenable

Businesses are experiencing a variety of shifts—cloud, AI, blockchain, quantum computing, and for business to survive and succeed they would require not just evolution in technology but more importantly changes in their business models, processes and mindset.

TEKenable with its rich experience in both process and technology guides businesses throughout the transformation journey, help them assess their current business models, processes and create strategies to build a technology ecosystem that augments, not replace, humans – maximizing productivity and increasing operational efficiencies.

Application of Artificial Intelligence in business transformation;

  • TEKenable, using AI can help you automate repetitive tasks with greater accuracy by learning and discovery through data
  • Using AI we can perform analysis of larger and deeper data applying neural networks, which could help business in predictive analysis, alerting and non-compliance detection
  • TEKenable can help Marketing automate real-time offers, mine larger amounts of data to improve the accuracy of offers, understand the voice of the customer – and more.
  • Customer Service can leverage AI to build bots as interface between humans – solving basic questions or verifying customers, etc.
  • AI is transforming every industry be it – retail, hospital, airline, food, e-commerce, including cars!

The revenue efficiency from the AI market worldwide in 2017 were estimated at $4.8 billion and are predicted to reach $89.8 billion in 2025. Though organizations are using AI solutions to benefit their businesses, artificial intelligence remains out of reach for many companies, but the future looks different. As more and more businesses adopting AI-powered tools and technology, others will have to follow suit to remain competitive and improve the quality of their products and services.

At TEKenable, our team of data scientists and technologists with deep domain expertise, an ability to co-innovative using flexible experimentation helps organizations deliver enhanced throughput, speedier time to market and more personalised offering, leveraging our portfolio of AI services.

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