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Upgrade your business by creating custom apps with Microsoft PowerApps

Why PowerApps?

Employees in today’s digital workplace use different devices like phones, tablets, laptops, etc. and pretty much all the work happens on the go, in travel, or at meetings. There is an increasing demand for IT to develop enterprise scale, multi-form factor apps in a short time frame for specific business transactions to improve employee productivity.

The mobile revolution along with cloud capabilities has changed our experience in using commercial apps, but the enterprise apps we use to perform discrete business transactions have been slow to keep pace and most often are not optimised for mobile, not easily integrated, and not accessible on the employee’s device of choice.

Microsoft PowerApps Designer

Our Approach

To develop agile enterprise scale business applications, Microsoft has introduced Power Platform– a low code, software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform with cornerstones of PowerApps, Microsoft Flow, and Common Data Model that enables citizen developers or power users to build business and connect to external business apps with drag and drop ease.

TEKenable – a Microsoft Partner – has deep expertise with PowerApps enabling business to create mobile applications from selectable templates allowing developers and nontechnical users to optimize processes and business transaction quickly. We use Microsoft Azure, the platform as a service offering, and built-on development tools that target nontechnical users, users can create, manage and share business apps on iOS, Android and Windows devices.

The objective of PowerApps is to enable business users to build new capabilities via apps, without requiring that they have code expertise. TEKenable leveraging Microsoft power platform capability provides an intuitive visual design for PowerApps, with drag-and-drop functionality and a familiar look and feel taken from applications like PowerPoint. PowerApps has connections to various Microsoft-based and third-party applications, including MS SQL Server, SharePoint and OneDrive in the Office 365 productivity suite, as well as Dropbox, Google Docs, SAP, Oracle and Dynamics 365.

This integration of PowerApps with other Microsoft tools can help users customize and create apps that enable them to do their jobs better. Microsoft PowerApps gives businesses complete control via its admin centre. This is where businesses can see all their listed apps and administer data policies, permissions and user control options. Because all apps are built on Microsoft’s CDS, every app is also automatically General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) compliant with respect to storage.

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