Mixed Reality – Dynamics 365

Enhance creativity and teamwork using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality tools

Use Mixed Reality tools by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for instant collaboration

Using Dynamics 365 Mixed Reality allows you to overlay digital content in real-world business scenarios for greater efficiency and teamwork. Remote Assist places your experts at the scene of the problem instantly from anywhere to advise and direct.

View the video on the right for an overview and click the icons below for details of other capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Create floor plans in Visio and view in 3D, show potential customers your products in situ with Augmented Reality and show “how-to” guides to engineers as holograms. Guides app enhances employee learning regarding the tools and parts they need and how to use them in real work situations, thus improving training effectiveness.

Use Product Visualize to showcase products in mixed reality. Companies can find the right solution for their customers and close sales faster by customizing and displaying product in virtual reality with Product Visualize.

Using Dynamics 365, TEKenable is able to very rapidly design, develop and deploy line of business applications often with little or no bespoke software, a Low Code No Code approach.

xRM Icon


Dynamics 365 applications are a combination of xRM (an application builder with designers for forms, reports, security etc), Flow, Power BI, Azure and bespoke software.

Dynamics 365 Sales Icon


Create and pack a sales funnel, find the right prospects, build relationships, and increase sales. Connect to LinkedIn and sell more with actionable insights and predictive guidance.

Dynamics 365 Customer Service Icon

Customer Service

Meet and exceed customer expectations across all channels, optimise the work of field technicians, accelerate problem solving with remote support through mixed reality and plan and execute projects on time and in budget.

Dynamics 365 - Marketing TEKenable


Keep the sales pipeline fed through lead generation and nurturing, campaigns with automated process flows, comprehensive event management, customer segmentation and social insights.

Dynamics 365 - Finance/Operations TEKenable

Finance and Operations

Connect and optimise your back-office, retail, and supply chain operations. Finance, manufacturing and supply chain integration and management with in-store and back-office connectivity giving personalised shopping experiences.

Dynamics 365 - HR Talent Recruitment TEKenable


Hire and retain the best people for your organisation with an integrated solution for Attracting and On Boarding which flows into Core HR management offering self-service and collaboration capability to retain talent.

Artificial Intelligence - TEKenable

AI driven Insights

Make more informed decisions by applying AI to your data. The single integrated data repository that underpins Dynamics 365 is mined for insights into Sales, Customers and Customer Service. A competitive edge in your market perhaps?

Robotic Process Automation, Chatbots - TEKenable

Mixed Reality

Overlay digital content onto the real-world for greater efficiency and teamwork. Place your experts at the scene of the problem instantly from anywhere to advise and direct. Visualise room layouts with holograms and much more.

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