Intelligent Digital Workers

Revolutionise Your Business With Intelligent, Automated Voice, Chat and SMS Channels

Many of our customers are asking themselves how to provide first class customer service and self-service capabilities 24×7.  They are also asking how to automate and intelligently mix Voice, Instant Message and SMS communications and how to optimise their call centre operations.

What they are really asking is how can we deliver “Intelligent Digital Workers”?

To meet these objectives we use the platform which meets our criteria for a Low Code platform by having best in class functionality and being extensible using bespoke software. has been named by Gartner as Top Conversational AI Platform in 2018 and 2019 and TEKenable are OneReach partners Platform Overview

The platform can both react to incoming communications and initiate an outgoing conversation.

It does this using Voice (over the phone and Amazon Alexa), via many Instant Message services including Facebook Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp etc and with SMS messages.

Conversations can switch seamlessly from one medium to another for example an SMS or Chat sent by your customer can trigger a call back, which then moves to WhatsApp to send files or pictures and back to the call again.

The platform can interact with your existing in-house or cloud hosted applications and verify the caller’s identity, fetch data to guide the conversation and store data to inform future conversations and can trigger actions and processes in software like Dynamics 365, Salesforce etc.

And finally, the platform is driven by AI and is therefore capable of realising when it needs to involve a human in the conversation, switch in that human and then resume the interaction afterwards. Oh, and it can be taught to recognise requests and how to process them.

Conversational Interfaces - Chat, Phone, Alexa, SMS & Mixed Mode Bots

Businesses need to communicate with their customers in the manner customers want.  In 2018 over 5 billion people used messaging apps, surpassing Social Media use.

The only way to meet that scale of challenge is to deploy Bots that understand Natural Language, can answer questions and integrate with your existing (potentially legacy) systems. enables us to provide for you Bots that act on and switch seamlessly between Voice (speech over the phone of via Amazon Alexa), Instant Messaging (Chat) and SMS communications.


Please take a look at the examples in the videos below.
One Reach Platform Capabilities

Machine Learning - Teaching the Bot

OneReach Action Desk

Once you have built your Intelligent Digital Worker then you need to be able to observe how it is being used, refine the design and teach it to understand new requests. includes the capability to view the paths most commonly taken through your designed paths, see where users are dropping off and see any messages typed or spoken by users that were not understood.  Based on this you can then teach the language understanding how to interpret misunderstood phrases and tune your Worker design to incorporate new request types or even run A/B testing on different designs.  Continuous improvement made easy!

Augmented workforce - Human in the Loop Functionality

The availability of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive computing and Robotic Process Automation tools is enabling organisations to create an augmented workforce by redesigning the roles that humans perform.

This enables the human workforce to be focused on  human skills such as empathy, creativity, emotional intelligence, enabling the organisation to offer improved service levels. enables your staff to be incorporated into the automated conversations.  The Bots can bring a human into the loop for parts of the conversations that are happening in realtime and the human agent can then perform a task, inform the Bot and allow the Bot to take over again seamlessly.

OneReach Human in The Loop

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