Dublin City Council – HGV Permit Checker Application

The Background

Dublin City Council is the local government authority responsible for governance and management of the city of Dublin in Ireland. The council is responsible for housing and community, roads and transportation, urban planning and development, amenity and culture and environment. The council constitutes 63 elected members and is the largest local authority in Ireland.

The Opportunity

Due to the increasing number of serious road accidents involving HGVs (Heavy Goods Vehicles), Dublin City Council in 2007, ruled to only allow HGVs with a specific permit to enter the city center during peak traffic hours. The permit allows specific HGVs which need to deliver or collect goods, to enter the cordoned area, all other HGVs required to take a different route around the cordon.

This strategy is intended to improve traffic conditions within the city but presented a the challenge around enforcing the policy.

We needed a new way to keep an eye on trucks passing through the city centre and to make sure that drivers are adhering to the rules on accessing the cordon at peak times.

– Brendan O’Brien, head of traffic, environment & transportation at DCC

The Project

Dublin City Council selected TEKenable to help solve this challenge. TEKenable developed a mobile device application and monitoring system for citizens, council staff and The Gardaí. The mobile application provides users with the ability to search and identify HGVs’ (trucks with 5 axle or more) movement within a designated cordon during the hours of 07.00-19.00 seven days a week . It also allows users to report permit infringements.

TEKenable also developed a a back-office system to administer and visualise the reports that come in from the app.

The Outcome

The new HGV Permit Checker app helped Dublin City Council use the output to analyse reported infringements and improve compliance of the permit together with the safety and well-being in the city. The app is user friendly and compatible across all devices including mobile phone, iPad and tablets, on the iOS and Android platforms.

This app has enhanced the quality of enforcement of regulations, making the city centres more safe and secure for public.

The deployment of the mobile device application assists with enforcing the HGV Management Strategy and engaging members of the public by allowing them to query and report on possible violations, empowering the citizen to assist in non-compliance detection and support the wellbeing of Dublin City. All other HGVs are required to take a different route around the cordon.

– Brendan O’Brien, head of traffic, environment & transportation at DCC
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