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Dairygold Limited is an Irish dairy co-operative based in Mitchelstown, County Cork, Ireland. With 2,850 milk suppliers. Dairygold processes an annual volume of approximately 1.4 billion litres of grass fed pastureland milk, making it Ireland’s largest dairy co-operative and the island’s second largest milk supplier. With approximately 7,000 shareholders, and a net asset value of €338 million, Dairygold reports an annual turnover of around €992 million. Employing more than 1,200 employees, Dairygold produces some of the world’s most advanced and innovative nutritional solutions. Its main dairy products are rennet casein, demineralised whey for Infant formula and protein powders markets, skimed milk, whole milk, and fat enriched milk powders, as well as bulk cheddar & specialty cheeses. Dairygold exports to over 50 countries and has production facilities in Ireland and the UK, as well as sales offices in Germany, Spain and China.


Dairygold faced a challenge in presenting key milk data to its milk suppliers (farmers). The results of lab tests performed on samples from each batch of milk collected from farms by Dairygold was sent to farmers by SMS message. Access to these results was also available online – through a web portal.  The main issues were that there was not enough detail in the SMS text messages and less than 10% of the farmers used the online portal to access their data. Dairygold needed a mobile application for milk suppliers to check their milk quality and test results easily on their mobile devices.


Dairygold wanted a secure and functionally rich application that it would roll out to its farmer supplier base and engaged TEKenable as the company to design, build and rollout this critical application. 

MyMilk App

This application is an effective means of reaching Dairygold’s customer base, one that relies on modern technology. TEKenable worked with Dairygold and developed a mobile application “MyMilk”. This innovative app was built with a focus on three key elements:

  • The Milk Application used by farmers and farm advisors. Built for iOS and Andriod as a Xamarin cross platform application MyMilk enables farmers to correct issues with Milk Quality quickly protecting the value of the milk they produce for the farmer and Dairygold;
  • The reporting suite which will be used primarily by management. Enables visibility of usage of the application;
  • The administration and control interfaces of the application and data synchronisation and validation of data feeds to the application. Manages security and integration of the lab data etc.


TEKenable delivered a Mobile App with rich functionality but with a simple user interface – suitable for all user levels. This is a key app in the daily life of a Dairygold dairy farmer and is the first of its kind in the country. This app provides the farmer with a wide range of information, directly on their smartphones. Today, dairy farmers have quick access to data on each milk collection from the farmyard, including the volume collected , the price paid and a the lab analysis of milk quality. This quality information in particular is very useful, providing early indication of the presence of any herd pathogens. Customer engagement with ‘My Milk’ is also extremely high, as farmers now get data directly to their smartphone when and where they need it.

The result has been a measurable increase in the quality of milk supplied to Dairygold which results in an increase in cost efficiency of its processing. The farmer has in turn seen their income protected and even increase as they are partly paid based on milk quality.

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