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It All Starts With Phishing

Opinions on the percentage vary but the lowest we have seen is that 80% of successful Cyber Attacks leading to data loss last year started with a Phishing attack.

The usual controls adopted to manage Phishing threats are end user education combined with anti-virus software.  Sadly, Education is necessary not sufficient, and neither is anti-virus software.

What is needed is a community based response to remove Phishing emails from users mail boxes before the email is even read.  Which is exactly what is provided by our partner CoFense.

Email, Web and Document Threats

Two other channels that expose you to malware are email attachments and web downloads.  A growing threat is malware delivered in email attachments as password protected zip files and malware in office documents.  Upstream email filters and anti-virus do not usually detect  encrypted zip file contents, polymorphic viruses or zero-day vulnerabilities and we have seen testing data suggesting that most AV software is at best 80% effective.

Our partner Opswat addresses these threats through trapping encrypted zip files and asking the end recipient for the password to allow it to be disarmed it also applies a unique approach to malware removal by identifying the “known good” parts of a file to allow through rather than relying on “known bad” signature checking which allows zero-day malware to escape detection.

Cloud, Office 365 and Mobile Devices

Microsoft have provided a very wide range of cyber security products and services ranging from an OWASP blocking Web Application Firewall on Azure through Security Centre, Policy enforcement, Information Classification and Labeling and DLP all the way to the new Sentinel product which aims to displace Splunk and Q-Radar from the SEIM on Cloud market and InTune, a highly integrated Mobile Device Management Solution.

Advanced Behavioral Profiling

Given that no security is 100%, malware and bad actors can be present on your network (you may even employ them) you should have an advanced AI solution monitoring your office, cloud, data center and Office 365 activity to learn behavioral characteristics and isolate devices that are behaving strangely automatically without the need for a Security Operations Team. We are proud to partner with DarkTrace for this service.

We have assembled a suite of software ‘TEKSecure’ that we can usually offer on a per month bundled price with installation and support which will truly make a difference to your organisation’s security in these challenging times.


Phishing Is a Global Pandemic responsible for over $100bn of losses in 2018. We have a two part approach to protecting you.


Web and Email Based Malware is the most common threat vector. We can provide a unique approach to disarm it.  Anti-virus is only about 80% effective, do not rely on it alone.

Microsoft Azure

Cloud and Mobile Device Security Expertise is a MUST today.  In Microsoft’s Azure and Microsoft 365 offerings there is a bewildering array of security features and capabilities and Mobile devices bring their own specific challenges.


No software suite is complete without Advanced AI based threat detection and automated blocking.  When you do not have a 24×7 security team this software gives peace of mind.

Phishing Protection - CoFense

CoFense offers two key capabilities:

  • Sending realistic but benign Phishing messages to your own staff.  This conditions them to recognise real messages in a safe way and the impact is measurable and reported;
  • Enable the reporting of suspected Phishing messages.  This rapid reporting mechanism empowers you to remove Phishing messages from other user’s mailboxes, often before they even see them. With a human administrator (either your or CoFense) making the decision to remove.

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Email, Web and Document Malware Protection - Opswat

Opswat’s MetaDefender product incorporates two key technologies:

  • Deep Content Disarm and Reconstruction (Deep CDR)
  • Multiscanning – Advanced Threat Prevention with Simultaneous Anti-Malware Engines

Deep CDR is an advanced threat prevention technology that does not rely on detection. Instead, it assumes all files are malicious and sanitizes and rebuilds each file ensuring full usability with safe content. The technology is highly effective for preventing known and unknown threats, including zero-day targeted attacks and threats that are equipped with malware evasion technology such as Fully Undetectable malware, VMware detection, obfuscation and many others.

Multiscanning is an advanced threat detection and prevention technology that increases detection rates, decreases outbreak detection times and provides resiliency to anti-malware vendor issues. OPSWAT pioneered the concept of multiscanning files with over 30 anti-malware engines available to deliver enhanced protection from a variety of cyber threats.

Signature-based, heuristics-based, and machine learning detection methods are not perfect. Single anti-malware engines detect at best up to 91.8 percent of common cyber threats, and the majority of them only have a 40 to 80 percent detection rate.

MetaDefender email security solutions protect against email-borne threats that evade sandboxes and bypass advanced threat protection solutions. MetaDefender Email Security prevents zero-day attacks and unknown threats.

MetaDefender ICAP Server protects against advanced threats entering organizations via network traffic and can be seamlessly integrated with ICAP-enabled devices. ICAP includes integrations to traditional Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS), forward/reverse-proxy servers and storage devices.

As an increasing number of organizations migrate to the Cloud, coupled with the rise of BYOD, the need has never been greater for cloud access control and device management. OPSWAT protects organizations from device based threats by preventing risky devices from accessing local networks and cloud applications such as Office 365, Salesforce and Dropbox. Using MetaAccess, threat intelligence and compliance technologies, OPSWAT performs extensive security and compliance checks, as well as remediation, before allowing devices to connect to local networks and cloud applications.

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Protect Azure and Office 365

The security services offered by Azure and Office 365 are numerous and in some cases complex to configure and use.

We can help with:

  • Security Architecture Design or Review for Azure
  • Office 365 Security check and configuration
  • Identity Management
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Data Governance (Information Classification, Labeling and related Policy Enforcement)
  • eDiscovery and
  • Mobile Device Management

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AI Based Threat Detection and Prevention - Darktrace

Darktrace is nothing short of exceptional.  It is highly evolved Artificial Intelligence based software that learns what “normal” looks like for your network of devices, detects threats as they evolve from initial reconnaissance through to first entry and halts them dead in their tracks in seconds.

Darktrace Antigena acts faster than any security practitioner could.

Eric Ogren, Senior Security Analyst, 451 Research

The Darktrace system requires nothing to be installed on your devices, it listens to network traffic passively via a switch span port.  It is a physical appliance, virtual server image and is integrated into AWS, Google Cloud, Azure and Rackspace as well as SaaS integrations for SalesForce, Box, GSuite and Office 365.

Darktrace can shine a light into all the dark corners of your organisations’ IT.

Darktrace - Free Trial

TEKenable, as a Darktrace partner, is authorised to offer a free trial of the software.  Given Darktrace requires no software to be installed on your devices the trial is really easy to set-up and the results can be dramatic.

In 95% of organizations, Darktrace finds genuine cyber-threats that others have missed, from insider threat to IoT hacks, malware and misconfigurations to data leakage and unusual behaviors.

During a 30-day trial, our software will discover what’s lurking inside your organization.

  • 1-hour installation by your dedicated Darktrace Cyber Technologist
  • Rapid results
  • Bespoke threat reports for executives
  • No commitment

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We are offering a 30 day trial. Installed in 1 hour – Results within days – No commitment

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