Cyber Security

Cyber Security threats can rapidly derail an enterprise’s ability to create value.

All the software that we develop are  in compliance with ISO27001:2013 and  resistant to the OWASP Top 10 attacks. We use penetration test of software as part of system testing and are often tested by third party security companies as part of our customer’s acceptance testing. We hold CISSP, CISM and CSSLP certifications as well as ISO9001, ISO27001 and Cyber Essentials Certification as proof of our commitment to cyber security.

We provide cyber security and risk consulting to help your C-Suite understand Cyber Risk and as part of that offer free Phishing workshops to IT and non-IT staff to help stamp out online fraud. Finally, we have assembled a suite of software products that we feel give the best balance of protection and cost which we call “TEKSecure”.

We offer the following services….

Our Secure Software Development Lifecycle

Security cannot be added to software after it has been built.  Security begins with a clear understanding of the needs of the software application. It is embodied into the software through an appropriate architecture, design, skilled implementation and verification process.  This is known as a Secure Software Development Life Cycle, an SSDLC.

Secure SDLC for website/Cyber_Security

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We incorporate appropriate security into every application that we deliver. 

TEKSecure - Security Software Suite

There are literally thousands of security products on the market today.  They range from the “box with blue flashing lights” which sits in a rack and “provides security” through to the very latest in advanced AI based threat detection and removal software. But what do you need and what is good value for money given the typical corporate risk profile?

We ask that you engage with our cyber security team’s services to determine your companies risk profile as every organisation is different. But beyond the usual Firewall and Anti-virus software there are some products that every company should seriously consider, particularly if you don’t have a 24×7 cyber security team and perhaps even if you do.

We have assembled a suite of software that we can usually offer on a per month bundled price with installation and support. This can truly make a difference to your organisation’s cyber security in these challenging times.


Phishing Is a Global Pandemic responsible for over $100bn of losses in 2018. We have a two part approach to protecting you.


Web and Email Based Malware is the most common threat vector. We can provide a unique approach to disarm it.  Anti-virus is only about 80% effective, do not rely on it alone.

Microsoft Azure

Cloud and Mobile Device Security Expertise is a MUST today.  In Microsoft’s Azure and Microsoft 365 offerings there is a bewildering array of security features and capabilities and Mobile devices bring their own specific challenges.


No software suite is complete without Advanced AI based threat detection and automated blocking.  When you do not have a 24×7 security team this software gives peace of mind.

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Risk and Cyber Security Consulting

We can provide advice and guidance on a wide range of Cyber security topics.  Our CTO holds CISSP (Certified Information Systems Security Professional), CISM (Certified Information Security Manager) and CSSLP (Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional) qualifications and has over 30 years experience of delivering enterprise solutions.  He loves talking about security and has a wide range of subject experts to call on from Cloud (Azure) security to the nitty gritty of secure software.

Free Phishing Awareness Workshops

Phishing is the single most consistently present threat to the security of companies worldwide.  With advances in perimeter defenses and importantly, the near 100% prevalence of their use Cyber criminals have been forced to find a new weak link in your security.  The weakest link is no longer hardware or software but “wetware”, human users.

TEKenable run free workshops for staff in medium to large companies , aimed at a non-technical audience which should include Finance, Reception and the CEO.  The workshop objectives are:

  • Define phishing and identify various types of phishing scams
  • Recognise common baiting tactics used in phishing scams
  • Examine some real phishing messages
  • Understand how to protect yourself from being hooked by a phishing scam

We have to limit how many we do each month so if you are interested please get in touch.

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