Next Generation

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Next Generation

In this era of a massive evolution in technology, companies are looking forward to expanding their business by making use of the newest technology solutions available to them. This has led to increasing demand for using next-generation solutions for businesses. Some of these technologies include Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, BOT development, Internet of Things, Blockchain, Augmented Reality, Robotic Process Automation, Serverless Computing, Microservices, Business Intelligence and wearables.

Our Approach

Technology has moved on from a simple decision of On-Premise v Cloud.  We, at TEKenable, are now building systems that are Hybrid Cloud, integrating Low Code offerings like Microsoft Dynamics with the latest in server-less computing, micro-services, event-driven compute on demand functions and Kubernetes, linking them to on-premise workloads using Service Bus, building cross stack integrations with Common Data Services Flow and Logic Apps and bridging to legacy technologies with Data Integration, Robotic Automation and good old bespoke code.

Today, most organisations struggling with the risk of digital disruption, have committed to the idea of change through either digital transformation or Digital Evolution (which we promote). They need to be using Next Generation technologies at the heart of their businesses. At TEKenable, we help clients digitally evolve leveraging the latest Low Code and Bespoke technologies and processes, translating clients’ critical business needs into measurable outcomes.

Our team has a deep understanding of the latest innovative technologies and expertise in making them accessible and relevant to your business. Our next generation solutions make businesses cost-efficient, flexible and competative.

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