Modernising Legacy Systems

Modernise your technology legacy systems with TEKenable's latest business solutions

Modernising Legacy Systems

Is your legacy system slowing the business down or stifling growth? TEKenable will help you modernise legacy IT systems using new technology and differentiating capabilities. We help companies address complex business problems and challenges, seize new opportunities, grow core businesses and build new offerings using innovation and agility.

This transformation helps companies reduce business complexity and costs, improve process flexibility, increase data consistency and enable collaboration across different platforms.

Our Approach

TEKenable guides clients throughout the transformation journey, help them assess their business needs and create strategies to build a technology ecosystem foundation for providing roadmaps regarding business process and workforce integration in highly secure settings. Our goal is to digitally transform legacy systems with such speed and agility that maximizes business outcomes for clients.

Outdated systems not only curtail business growth, but they are also vulnerable to breaches and malware. Because of non-compliance with the latest security standards, legacy systems lacking updates and functionality standards adhering to new software standards, legacy systems become vulnerable and insecure.  Old legacy systems slow operational speed with time, with multiple glitches impacting the performance and efficiency of your team.

Most of the old legacy systems require hosting business software and data on-premise. The cost of ownership of such software solutions is very high due to operational and administrative expenses. TEKenable provides cloud-based services which do not require installation of hardware or deployment of software on-premise and brings a monumental reduction in costs.

We approach the modernisation of legacy systems using four fundamental concepts – Wrap Around, Direct Integration, Augmentation and Bridging. Wrap Around uses Next Generation IT to enable the provision of highly scalable, secure services while allowing the legacy systems to remain unaware of their presence.  Direct Integration uses direct data exchange with the legacy system.  Augmentation positions services alongside the legacy system extending the services available. And Bridging uses technologies such as Robotic Process Automation and Service Bus to intelligently bridge gaps between systems creating a new service as an end to end seamless process.

At TEKenable, we will transform your legacy systems into a new, modern and properly implemented cloud-based solution which will not only reduce costs for training and maintenance but also optimise existing business processes and enable new processes enhancing growth capabilities.

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