Supply Chain Optimisation for CMP

The Background

Commercial Mushrooms Producers Ltd. – CMP, is Ireland’s largest mushroom producer organisation, representing 90% of Irish mushroom production and growers. CMP was established in 1999 as a co-operative by mushroom growers for mushroom growers. CMP is one of Europe’s leading horticultural producer organisations, registered as a co-operative with the Friendly Societies of Ireland and is focused on developing an efficient, sustainable and competitive industry in Ireland, producing high-quality products for an affordable price.

The Opportunity

Commercial Mushroom Producer (CMP) with its widespread network of mushroom growers faced major challenges in staying on top of their Farm-to-Market process. Growers had little visibility and no real time information on demand for mushrooms, capacity of their peer growers, existing inventory in hand, time to dispatch thus causing fluctuation in supply of Mushrooms and resultant price.

Growers were equally challenged by manual activities needed to report and track information, along with projecting labour requirement.

Overall process was highly time consuming, labour intensive, prone to errors resulting in loss of revenue and high productivity attrition. Manual and slow information flow often resulted in a mismatch between supply and demand, leading to wastage of produce.

The Project

CMP needed support to accelerate their Farm-to-Market process and engaged TEKenable to implement a digital transformation solution using automation to improve productivity and speed of time to market.

CMP chose TEKenable to help them digitally transform their manual farm-to-market processes. TEKenable team working with full diligence, provided CMP with a web and mobile based application which provided producer organization (CMP) with real time information regarding mushroom growers.

The Outcome

The new application helped growers set up and update information regarding their farm, the houses within the farm, order fulfillment within each house and the workers within each farm. It also helped them update the daily production of mushrooms, daily stock information, pick and place orders and dispatch the product accordingly.

This new application also provided growers with information regarding the employees (pickers) working at each farm, the number of hours they worked, their weekly work and payment records.

Overall, TEKenable turned a manual, resource heavy, slow & outdated process into a robust information management system that delivers value for users and at the same time it’s stunningly easy to adapt.

This new information management system provided efficiency and boost to the CMP’s farm collection and reporting processes. Existing manual processes made it difficult to get real time information on each grower, farm details, daily production within each farm, stock information.

The new system helped producer organizations and the growers access updated information regarding stock, the demand in the market, monthly sales and forecast for future. This not only added efficiency to produce, pick, order and dispatch processes but also helped match the supply chain with the demand reducing the excessive production and wastage of resources.

The application helped producer organizations to compare the information from each grower across multiple data sets, which helped them forecast the production and sales for the next year. The solution provided was cloud based, secure and scalable, requiring no local installations of any hardware.

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