Microsoft Azure Cloud Technology

Our Microsoft Azure cloud computing services help organizations build greater scalability

Microsoft Azure Cloud Technology

Our choice of cloud technology partner is Microsoft Azure. Microsoft Azure provides an ever-expanding set of cloud services to help organisations meet continuous business challenges. This technology platform helps us do more with less, providing rich, cloud-native services that deliver business benefit.

By taking advantage of the broadest set of hybrid capabilities we can deliver true hybrid consistency in applications, data, security and management across on-premises and cloud environments. This gives organisations the freedom to build, manage and deploy applications at speed and at scale.

Microsoft Azure Cloud

Endless Possibilities

Microsoft Azure offers a range of services that is frankly very hard to keep abreast of.  New services are being added it seems nearly weekly and the capabilities of the existing services are enhancing nearly daily.  Understanding what is available for use, and from that, what should be used in any given circumstance is what we do, so you don’t have to.

The diagram above gives only a flavour of the services available but broadly the services divide into the following:

  • Compute Services: From Virtual Servers through Containers (Docker, Kubernetes) and reaching true Serverless computing Microsoft Azure provides the full range of compute workload support needed for an Enterprise deployment;
  • Application Platform: Microsoft Azure provides Specific Tailored solutions for Web, Mobile and remote workloads (API applications);
  • Integration: Loose and tightly coupled integration services between Cloud workloads and to on-premise and other cloud hosts including Message Queues, Workflow services and Enterprise Service Bus Services.  For instance, recently announced is direct high speed connectivity to Oracle Cloud;
  • Data: Storage and Processing for Structured and Unstructured data including the well known SQL Server but also Massive scale Data Lakes, Globally distributed very low latency databases such as Cosmos and specialised services for Documents and Search;
  • Intelligence: Cortana Intelligence (AI) services for Image and Video analysis, language understanding and translation, emotion detection, facial recognition and much more  The commoditisation of artificial intelligence – AI;
  • Analytics & IoT: Microsoft Azure provides support for small and massive scale data analytics including Machine Learning (AI) with a specific set of services targeted at providing an IoT data pipeline with Ingestion, Complex Event Processing, Historical Storage and Visualisation;
  • Developer Services: Microsoft Azure provides Application Development Services including Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment support, automated testing, Development Environments and post deployment monitoring;
  • Media and CDN: Microsoft Azure is used to carry and auto-subtitle the video feeds from the Sorchi Winter Olympics. This platform provides video content processing and streaming at massive scale.  Video transcription to text which then becomes a clickable/searchable index of the video stream, transcoding to different formats and global distribution for a low latency viewing experience;
  • Hybrid Cloud: Microsoft Azure is a hybrid cloud with the ability to have one leg in the cloud and one out but have both legs fully integrated and coordinated;
  • Security & Management: Microsoft Azure helps Identity, Policy, Monitoring, Event capture and Analysis and so much more;
  • Infrastructure Services: With over 50 data centres world wide, Microsoft Azure can give you global scale without a global headache.

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