Cloud Migration using Microsoft Azure

Our Microsoft Azure cloud computing services help organizations build greater scalability

Cloud migration strategy and delivery

At TEKENABLE we help you overcome barriers to cloud migration and adoption. Working collaboratively we create and implement a cloud migration strategy tailored to your organisation. In some cases this may mean using cloud tactically as opposed to strategically or adopting a hybrid approach.

Our cloud migration and delivery strategy isn’t a one size fits all. Ultimately we help you realise the potential of the cloud, in order to deliver greater business efficiency, agility and flexibility giving you a competitive digital edge.


Our Cloud Migration Strategy & Delivery  services offers companies:

  • Integration: Utilising App Services and integrating with platform services like Service Bus and Cortana Intelligence, Flow, Application Insights and Security Centre for management we help organisations achieve greater operational agility, better IT governance and tighter integration of components across the enterprise—from applications and platforms through cloud infrastructure.
  • Resilience: TEKenable’s experts employ a tailored, risk-mitigated cloud migration and delivery strategy that considers all possible deployment models, with minimal downtime – providing a seamless and agile journey from in-house IT to a cloud infrastructure.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Moving to the cloud, offers the benefit of world-class infrastructure while saving money and the overhead cost of maintaining the infrastructure and workforce yourself.
  • Focus: You can focus on core skills, like growing your business. The complexity of cloud migration can be handled by our team of product experts.
  • Scalability: Scaling up quickly or slowly, hybrid or complete migration – TEKenable’s cloud computing services can accommodate and adapt to your needs.
  • Security: We ensure your Cloud implementations meet compliance requirements, including certifications like SOC 2, ISO27001, HIPAA, and PCI. TEKenable’s team of security experts and support staff are at your disposal.

Our Approach

At TEKenable, we help companies move data and services to the Microsoft Azure cloud. Our cloud migration process includes:

  • Assess: To ensure a successful migration, it is crucial to establish your business’ cloud migration priorities and objectives. It is necessary to determine your IT workloads, their inter dependencies, data sensitivities and performance characteristics to inform a migration plan.
  • Plan: Informed by the Assessment you will build a roadmap showing which workloads will migrate, in what order, and how that will be monitored and success measured. Delivery of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity considerations must also be taken into account as live workloads and data sets migrate and test and verification activities are required before confirming the switch over of each.  It is therefore important to have a consensus and understanding with your stakeholders (teams and business owners) before migration to ensure smooth and fast delivery of cloud migration process.
  • Migrate: At TEKenable, we help you overcome barriers to cloud migration and adoption. Working collaboratively, we design and implement a cloud computing strategy tailored to your needs. In some cases, this may mean using cloud tactically as opposed to strategically or adopting a hybrid approach. We use four widely used migration strategies: Rehost or “lift and shift”, Refactor, Rearchitect, and Rebuild. We can help you choose the right mix for your applications, such as Rehosting less-strategic applications with no-code changes and Rearchitecting others that are more business-critical.
    • Rehost: This strategy allows you to shift existing applications to the cloud as-is, without any change, thus minimizing associated risks or costs. This tactic is mostly used for applications designed to use cloud infrastructure as server scalability. It is also known as “lift and shift strategy”.  It often results in a Hybrid cloud with fast and secure network connectivity linking the application back to other in-house services;
    • Refactor: This strategy also referred to as “repackage”, involves some changes in the application design without making any wholesale changes to the application software. This strategy is particularly relevant when companies have an existing code base, but software portability and development skills are a concern;
    • Rearchitect: This strategy is used to modernize business applications into highly scalable, flexible and independently deployable architecture by modifying or extending the application’s software to scale and optimize it for the cloud. This strategy is particularly useful when businesses want to take advantage of existing application investments by improving agility, adding scalability and other capabilities in the best cost-effective way.  Usually results in a serverless computing model and extreme future flexibility.
    • Rebuild: This strategy is used when the existing application is becoming or is already obsolete and slowing down your business. This strategy often results in significantly enhanced functionality as the new application can benefit from  advancements in artificial intelligence, blockchain, internet of thins (IoT) etc provided by the Azure cloud services.

At TEKenable, we help companies successfully migrate their IT infrastructure to the cloud using Microsoft Azure, thus adding agility and flexibility, reducing operational and administrative costs and enhancing the customer experience.

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