Cloud Management using Microsoft Azure

Our Microsoft Azure Cloud services help organizations achieve greater scalability

Cloud Management and Optimisation

At TEKenable, we help you run a secure, well-managed cloud environment and we help govern and monitor your cloud applications and solutions.  Using Microsoft Azure, we help companies manage their cloud spending by allocating, cutting and monitoring cloud costs, adding flexibility and ensuring you are aware of the new cloud capabilities as they mature.


TEKenable’s Cloud Management service provides Microsoft Azure software applications and platforms for monitoring and managing operations, services, security, compliance and data in the cloud. Cloud management tools and technologies ensure the optimal performance of cloud services and resources.

As part of the Cloud optimization service, TEKenable offers a more efficient and effective use of computing resources and other infrastructure on the cloud. TEKenable will assess your business need and provide you with a Total Cost Of Ownership comparison against your current expenditure.

Our Cloud Management & Optimization services offer companies:

  • Self – Service Capability: Companies are provided with the ability for self-service – to monitor current cloud processes, establish new processes, monitor usage and adjust the cost of resource allocation. Using the reporting capabilities, companies can track budgetary allocations and adjust where necessary to reduce operating costs;
  • Task Automation: TEKenable automates workflows and policies enabling organisations to transform their business strategies into actions and take steps required to create and handle cloud instances with minimal human assistance or interference;
  • Integration: Utilising App Services and integrating with platform services like Service Bus and Cortana Intelligence, Flow, Application Insights and Security Centre for management we help organisations achieve greater operational agility, better IT governance and tighter integration of components across the enterprise—from applications and platforms through cloud infrastructure;
  • Customisation: We provide custom configurations, consulting and advice on which applications should migrate to the Cloud and to what model (SaaS, IaaS, or PaaS);
  • Optimization by Governance: Simple implementation of cloud services is not sufficient, in order to achieve optimal performance and productivity, proper monitoring and evaluation of resources. TEKenable provides cloud governance strategy with detailed stated guidelines, which enables organisations to evaluate and maintain their cloud solution. Cloud governance can effectively reduce inefficient occurrences of cloud usage, therefore ensuring the responsible utilization of resources.

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