DPD, established in 1976 and owned by the French Postal service, delivers more than 5.2 million parcels everyday and has built up a strong reputation for service excellence.

DPD Ireland required a chatbot solution that would allow customers to get access to delivery information and change their delivery details without having to wait for a customer agent to become available. And that would allow for 24 x 7 support for customers.

The Chatbot solution provides customers with four self-service options, namely, tracking a parcel, changing delivery details, engaging through live chat and an AI driven natural language interface.

To do this, TEKENABLE built the ChatBot UI and integrated it with the Microsoft Cortana Intelligence platform to provide the AI engine. Then integrated it with a number of DPD’s ‘Back End’ systems to both query parcel data and transact for the Customer.

The statistics were phenomenal substantially reducing Call Centre traffic freeing capacity and at the same time improving Customer Service. DPD have named their ChatBot “Barry” and are now looking at extending its capability and adding new bots to the service.

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