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TechCentral – The graceless exit

Billy MacInnes looks for noticeable effects on Irish IT companies as a result of Brexit, writing for on May 28th 2019 interviewed Peter Rose, TEKenable CTO.…

Use AI to up your CRM Game – Sunday Business Post

Peter Rose, chief technology officer for TEKenable sees the role of AI in CRM as being about increasing the software’s ability to deliver insights. Correctly set up and configured, it can make a difference.

Big Bang? Or Bang for Buck

Big Bang? or Bang for Buck

If you hold the budget for technology, you must be weary of the phrase ‘Digital Transformation’. It is the default headline for every conference, article and project description. It…
Future of Travel Tech

The Future of TravelTech

Another project we’re very proud to have delivered is Sanctifly. It’s one of the most exciting Travel apps to emerge from Ireland and a super example of…

Digital Transformation – Weatherbys

At TEKenable we think Digital Transformation is about using technology to change organisations in four main ways. First, we help our clients better engage their customers. Second,…

How MedTech will change Healthcare

As anyone living in Ireland can testify, the Health sector may sometimes be slow to embrace change, but if the speakers at last month’s Dublin Tech Summit…