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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an emerging technology that’s set to transform business operations by automating mundane repetitive processes. This has unparalleled ramifications for businesses across the globe, which can save the time to focus on core competencies that directly contribute to the bottom line.

Robotic Process Automation tools can help companies capture and interpret applications for processing a transaction, manipulating data, triggering responses and communicating with other digital systems. Robotic Process Automation blueprint range from something as simple as generating an automatic response to an email to deploying thousands of bots, each programmed to automate jobs in an ERP system.

Our View

Robotic Process Automation provides organisations with the ability to eliminate non-value adding activities, reducing staffing costs, or redeploying staff to higher value tasks and to reduce human error.

As well as automating the mundane, robotic process automation allows enterprises to move up a gear in their automation efforts by infusing RPA with cognitive technologies such as machine learning, natural language processing, speed recognition, automating higher-order tasks that in the past required the perceptual and judgment capabilities of humans.

According to Gartner, by 2020, artificial intelligence and automation will reduce labour force requirements in business shared-service centres by 65 percent. The percentage of large enterprises adopting RPA software tools will also swell from below 10% today to 40% in 2020.

We, at TEKenable, can help your business deploy Robotic Process Automation technology for performing repetitive high volume tasks and carrying out multi-tasking with efficiency delivering some or all of the following:

  • Make accurate and timely reports by automating the process of extracting data;
  • Transfer data between disparate and legacy systems by connecting them at user interface level;
  • Reduce software dependencies between systems by preventing custom implementations;
  • Deliver quality product by performing testing and automating customer use case scenarios;
  • Cross-validate data across disconnected various systems;
  • Gather and consolidate business transactions for future processes;
  • Aggregate, manage and store large volumes of data quickly, which would otherwise be a tedious task for manual workforce;
  • The tedious process of posting data from various sources to sub-ledgers of a company to create and deliver financial filings can be easily handled through robotic process automation.

Robotic Process Automation is changing the world by providing automation solutions to every industry but projects often fail. Organisations face difficulty in implementing business automation solutions because of unrealistic expectations, mismanaged responsibilities, unclear ownership, choosing the wrong business automation solution, infrastructure and adoption issues, process analysis issues and many others.  We are aware of these issues and can help you to navigate them.

Robotic Process Automation has taken a significant mis-step in many large implementations. It has been promoted as a tool for use by business users, with no IT expertise, to develop processes and move data between systems.

We, at TEKenable, deliver Robotic Process Automation technology as a tool for IT, with the methodology of a software project, mindful of the pitfalls and using techniques that adapt to modifications in the underlying systems. Using Blue Prism, UIPath or Ranorex, our business automation solutions can adapt intelligently to change.

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