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Machine Learning technology offers speed, scale and agility to businesses

Machine Learning

Digital systems have transformed work in almost every sector of the economy over the past several decades. We are now at the beginning of an even larger and more rapid transformation due to recent advances in Machine Learning (ML), which is capable of accelerating the pace of automation itself.  Machine Learning is a “general purpose technology,” like the steam engine and electricity, which spawns a plethora of additional innovations and capabilities. We at TEKenable have been ahead of the curve in mastering this new technology creating new opportunities and providing clear differentiator for businesses.

Our View

Machine Learning (ML) can solve problems for which there is no algorithmic solution (NP incomplete problems).  Neural networks, Deep Learning networks, Decision Trees, Cluster Analysis and Bayesian Analysis are just some of the techniques available to find order in apparently chaotic data.

Supervised and unsupervised learning techniques enable the creation of ML models that provide predictive outcomes which can be applied to customer retention, real time marketing and recommendation applications driving better customer service and supporting decision making.

By leveraging Machine Learning, we help businesses analyse hidden patterns in data and derive insights. Machine Learning is helping business manage incredible volumes of data. The sensors and chips embedded in physical things around us (IoT) present huge opportunity to tap valuable data from customers, run analytics and using it to help you make better and more informed decisions.

Another key area to leverage ML is CRM. While traditionally CRM merely focused on capturing past and present data and provided little or no insights into customers and sales outcomes. Now, using Machine Learning, we can help you to provide real-time insights to your sales team, analysing engagement patterns to identify pipeline sales at risk and to provide recommendations around customers, sales and prospects to optimise business outcomes.

Machine Learning offers you Speed, Scale, and Predictive Accuracy – thereby, making businesses agile in their responses to a rapidly changing environment, and with it increasing the velocity of ideas and innovations that your business can generate and execute.

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