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Conversational Interfaces (ChatBots)

Are you looking to increase sales, cut costs, and vastly improve customer experience then continue to read!

TEKenable has mastered the ability to strategically deploy and design Chatbots that fit right into your needs, be it Go To Market or Customer Support.  Bots have become the most effective new tool to augment your workforce. At TEKenable we understand, assess your business and customer needs, and deliver tailor made Chatbots fully integrated into your existing systems to provide maximum impact.

Our View

TEKenable offers a blended digital plus human touch leveraging Chatbot which provides a more humane approach to sales and support compared to IVR based solutions for call automation.

  • Chatbots are replacing live chat and other forms of slower communication methods such as phone calls and emails. Using AI language  recognition, Chatbots provide an immediate customer service presence that offers concise answers to some of the most frequently asked questions and which, with integration into your systems, can perform transactions on behalf of the customer.
  • If you are a retailer – TEKenable can help deploy Chatbots to assist your shoppers get information including where specific products, departments, and brands are located, what services and facilities can be found in a particular store etc.
  • Using a blended digital plus human model, we can implement Chatbots in solving simple, quick-response needs transitioning more complex queries to Customer Service Agents.
  • Cost Savings – while complete automation of the customer service workforce is not feasible, automating a portion of the customer management and sales workflows are possible through Chatbots. This results in considerable savings for businesses. A single Chatbot can handle thousands of chats simultaneously, meaning there’s no need to increase headcount, even if your customer base grows. In the US, the savings from automating the customer service positions through Chatbots is an estimated $23 billion dollars per year.  We have seen up to 30% of contact centre calls handled by Bots.

In this digital age, customers’ preferences and choices are continuously reshaping business strategies. Businesses need to communicate with their customers in the manner customers want. With access to latest technologies and social media, customers expect high-quality services from you available 24/7 at their service. They want the convenience of online self-service and also wish to take help from a human agent when problem gets complex. This requires you to find and maintain the ideal balance between human touch and technology. TEKenable offers a blended digital plus human touch leveraging Chatbots which provide a new approach to sales and support.

Many organisations like Amazon, Mastercard, Pizza Hut and Wall Street Journal are already using Chatbots.

According to research by Oracle & Gartner:

  • By 2020, 80% of companies would like to use Chatbots for their organisational uplift.
  • Between 2017 to 2021, the market for Chatbots is estimated to make an increment of compound annual growth rate of $37.11billion.
  • In 2018 over 5 billion people used conversational interfaces like messaging apps, surpassing Social Media use.

The only way to meet that scale of challenge is to deploy Bots that understand Natural Language, can answer questions and integrate with your existing (potentially legacy) systems to transact on behalf of the user.

We use the Microsoft Cortana Intelligence platform’s language understanding, translation and object classification services to identify what is being requested and data associated with the request. We do this with an approach that we call “Conversational NLP” allowing a more natural conversation flow and avoiding the stilted, scripted flow forced by IVR for example.

Our Approach

Plan is the phase where we work with you to determine the capabilities that the Bot will have, the systems that it needs to interact with and how that will happen and pre-train the Bot with the language and transaction understanding (intents, grammar and data capture) that it will need.  Also, in this phase are considerations such as look and feel and what channels the Bot will be deployed on.

Build is a software development task.  We build Low Code platform solutions using (click here) and bespoke software based bots which are built using C#.NET on the Microsoft Bot Framework on the Azure cloud platform.  We use Cortana Intelligence services from Azure for Language Understanding and a means to connect to the channels that the Bot will use.

Test encompasses the usual software test but also a cognition test in which we ask that you pretend to be customers and (ideally using actual call centre conversations) test the Bots understanding.  We can tune it at this stage.

Publish makes the Bot operational in the Cloud.

Connect makes the Bot visible through the channels it will use to communicate.  Apart from the web browser interface these include:

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