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Augmented Workforce is the future of work

Augmented workforce

Rapidly changing technology landscape, like artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process automation, are quickly replacing a lot of our everyday tasks, making our jobs not only easier, but smarter and more productive as well. The reality is, the digital revolution is here to stay and will change the lives of sales, support and marketing for the greater good. The future of work is Augmented Workforce!

For example, according to a report by Markets and Markets, marketing automation software is expected to become a $5.5 billion dollar industry by 2019. The growth of these types of programs has become tremendous money saving techniques, saving on both the time and labour over what’s otherwise considered pretty mundane tasks. Given how much easier automation is making the marketing and sales process, it’s no wonder why firms have been making such a drastic leap to adopt these technologies.

Our View

With our deep technical knowledge and many successful implementations, we are best positioned to guide your business through this world of automation.  We understand there are fears of technology replacing humans but the truth is technology is empowering humans and making them more productive.  We often see administrative, mundane and repetitive tasks eating away at your businesses productivity and damaging your staff’s morale with low value tasks. This is also an area where technology has made great gains over recent years by automating such high-effort, low-value, repetitive tasks leaving employees to do more creative tasks and solve more complex problems.

According to Deloitte’s Global Human Capital Trends Report (2017), 41% of the companies included in the survey have either fully implemented or have made significant progress in integrating Artificial Intelligence and other cognitive technologies within their workforce. This report, based on survey from more than 10,400 business and HR leaders across 140 countries, revealed that 34% businesses are conducting pilot programs while 17% are ready to incorporate AI, robots and other cognitive technologies within their workforce.

The availability of AI, Cognitive computing and Robotic Automation tools is enabling organisations to augment workforce by redesigning the roles that humans perform in the workforce. The elimination of non-value adding tasks has always been on the Lean agenda, but it is now possible to take that a step further and automate many value adding activities that humans would once have done. This enables the human workforce to be focused on quintessentially human skills such as empathy, creativity, emotional intelligence and enables the organisation to offer service levels never seen before.

Whatever your industry is, get in contact and we can help you identify areas of opportunity and implement automation to improve accuracy, reduce cost and make your workforce more productive.

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