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Revolutionize your business using artificial intelligence!

At TEKenable, our team of data scientists and technologists helps organisations revolutionize their business by delivering enhanced throughput, speedier time to market and more personalised offerings. We do so by leveraging our portfolio of Artificial Intelligence and Automation services:

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation has taken a significant mis-step in many large implementations. It has been packaged as a tool for use by business users, with no IT expertise, to develop processes and move data between systems.

TEKENABLE delivers Robotic Process Automation with the methodology of a software project, mindful of the pitfalls and using techniques that adapt to modifications in the underlying systems. Using BluePrisim, UIPath or Ranorex, our Robotic Process Automation solutions can adapt intelligently to change.

Conversational Interfaces - ChatBots

Businesses need to communicate with their customers in the manner customers want.  In 2018 over 5 billion people used messaging apps, surpassing Social Media use.

The only way to meet that scale of challenge is to deploy ChatBots that understand Natural Language, can answer questions and integrate with your existing (potentially legacy) systems.

We use the Cortana Intelligence platform’s language understanding, translation and object classification services to identify what is being requested and data associated with the request.

We do this with an approach that we call “Conversational NLP” allowing a more natural conversation flow and avoiding the stilted, scripted flow forced by IVR for example.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning (ML) can solve problems for which there is no algorithmic solution (NP incomplete problems).  Neural networks, Deep Learning networks, Decision Trees, Cluster Analysis and Bayesian Analysis are just some of the techniques available to find order in apparently chaotic data.

Supervised and unsupervised learning techniques enable the creation of Machine Learning models that provide predictive outcomes. These outcomes help in customer retention, real time marketing and recommendation applications driving better customer service and supporting decision making.

Augmented workforce

The availability of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Cognitive computing and Robotic Process Automation tools is enabling organisations create augmented workforce by redesigning the roles that humans perform in the workforce.

The elimination of non-value adding tasks has always been on the Lean agenda. But now it is possible to take that a step further and automate many value adding activities that humans would once have done.

This enables the human workforce to be focused on  human skills such as empathy, creativity, emotional intelligence, enabling the organisation to offer improved service levels.

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