6 NATIONS – Tournament Organisation

Six Nations Rugby is the body responsible for organising the Six Nations Rugby championship. It manages a wide range of activities associated with this annual competition.

These activities include team selection, event co-ordination and media management and involve large volumes of data ranging from public information to highly sensitive team and HR data.

PFH Technology Group asked TEKenable to deliver a solution that supported Six Nations Rugby in managing this high-profile competition. We commenced our engagement with a ‘discovery’ phase, understanding how Six Nations Rugby used data across the organisation and mapping the key work flows and work processes involved in the competition. We then built out a SharePoint solution, using ‘out of the box’ features to provide the administrative capabilities needed by Six Nations.

Six Nations Rugby are now successfully using our solution to effectively co-ordinate this annual tournament, facilitating remote and mobile workers across the participating countries. The benefits in terms of more efficient work practices and a collaborative work environment have been significant.

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